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my name is Tylor, but everyone calls me Ty. I have been fishing and hunting in Florida for over 35 years and in my humble opinion I am the most experienced guide you will get in the entire state. Patience and local knowledge are things you cannot put a price tag, but I can ensure I will find the best fishing and hunting grounds at any time of year.


My job is to provide you with an unforgettable experience and my existing customers will confirm that. More than half of all my customers come back again as they know that they will always have a fantastic time. The Everglades are an incredible place for both fishing and hunting and I can tailor every trip to work with your preferences and the time of year.

I will also advise you on exactly what permits you will need and I can provide you with all the gear you need for a great day out. Whether you are planning a family day out, bachelor party or just a relaxing day, I can make all the arrangements for you. Make sure you use the contact form to find out details about rates and packages available.


Hunting Trips In Florida

Florida is bordered on all sides by water, to the East the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico to the west and is internationally known for its fishing and seaside resorts. There are other Florida visitors who come to enjoy the beaches, sea and almost year round sun.

For hunting enthusiasts the more inland regions offer fantastic opportunities in great weather. You should know that opportunities are not lacking, because it is possible in Florida to hunt legally in private areas or specific public areas with certain licenses; either big game, like the alligator, wild boar, and deer, or small game such as Osceola, ducks, turkey and other wild birds.

All these hunts are usually conducted on large private estates whose owners rent land to organize hunting activities. There are all kinds of environments; plains, prairies, swamps, ridges and woodlands. There are a large number of private organizations that offer hunting lodges all-inclusive with comfortable accommodation, a transport service, with or without tour guide. In some cases, there are also excellent taxidermy services available to allow hunters to leave with their trophy.



In Florida when we speak of big game, we immediately think of alligators that are without doubt the most spectacular prey, but there are also wild boar and deer. The puma and the brown bear are two protected species, it is not allowed to hunt these animals though to the proliferation of bears it is more question to organize a very selective and controlled culling.

Hunting Alligators

aligatorsIn Florida this type of hunting is conducted mainly on private swampland but there are also public areas open to hunters. It can be said that in recent years, alligator hunting gained popularity thanks to game management programs implemented in the Southern States of the US, where it is known that alligators thrive. It is important to maintain a balance between the various animal species. Observers have noted that if the population of alligators is low, there is an overpopulation of Beaver and rats. If it is too high, this presents a certain risk for all other animals and even humans.

In Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, their numbers have greatly increased because they have no predators other than humans. Hunting seasons are organized and the issuing of permits or licenses is made on the basis of objectives to maintain the balance of animal species.

Alligator hunting involves some risks and it is important to hunt with an experienced guide who is familiar with the proper techniques. This includes knowing when the alligator is too big and that things go awry for the hunter and these situations do occur!

It is important to have the right type of equipment that is different between States: spears, hooks, traps, sticks, guns. What is legal in some areas may not be legal in others. Also be aware of laws and hunting dates.

A very popular gun for alligator hunting is the AR15, which is not technically a hunting rifle. However, the close combat design of the rifle helps with alligator hunting as you will not be shooting from long distances. You should definitely look into the best optics for ar 15, as any of these will work well here.

Always keep in mind that the major concern during this hunt is the safety of our guests. Most of the alligator hunts being at dusk or night, be sure to have good lighting, an insect repellent, a lifejacket is strongly recommended (and on my boats mandatory) to wear even if you are an excellent swimmer, in case you’re thrown out of the boat and knocked out! Another thing that must be noted is that bacteria located in the mouth of an alligator are particularly aggressive and a little scratch caused by a bite can cause a serious infection.

Hunting Alligators In the company of a guide will teach you how to monitor for the presence of alligators. At night, his eyes reflect the light of torches, whole during the day, only its eyes and nostrils are flush with the surface of the water, we can also identify the claw marks on the edge of the water, but also the places where the grass is bent or those where there is no vegetation which indicates that the alligators come to bask there to take heat from Sun. Finally, it must always be remembered that the alligators are territorial so do not get between a mother and her young.

Wild Boar Hunting

boarDo not think that wild boar hunting is accessible to everyone. In fact, it is considered to be a dangerous adventure and requires some experience because this kind of animal, even injured, can attack the hunter, and cause serious injury. You should know that hunting can be done with different types of weapons; the rifle and the crossbow being those most frequently used.

There are Florida organizations with experience in this sort of hunting trips. In some of these locations, hunting is open every day and doesn’t require a special permit. Expedition groups with guided wild boar hunts from the bushes are usually professionally organized and the hunter is usually assured to be satisfied both at the level of the trophies and the meat.

Deer Hunting

In Florida, hunting deer is highly controlled and cannot be done without a season permit. In addition, only males 8 points or more may be hunted. Many locations exist in Florida mainly in its central part where the population management of deer following an environmentally friendly program of wildlife is strictly followed.

In all hunting areas there are food plots with feeders installed. Food and mineral salts are deposited to draw in the game and inform the hunter what are the animals that can be targeted or not on the basis of the age and size. A very limited number of permits are issued each season; it is essential to make contact with authorities before starting a hunt.

Your gear will need to be very different to alligator hunting trips. A designated hunting rifle and more powerful scope are very advisable. For more details on different types of optics check out ScopesAndSpotters.net.


Sea fishing in the Florida Keys

The 200km (125mi) of the arc formed by the 1700 Florida Keys islands are a unique fishing environment in the world and where fishing is possible almost all year.

Florida Bay, bordered by the “inside” curve of the Keys and the mainland of Florida, home to five of the most popular fish in the sport fishing competitions with cane, ie: Bonefish, Tarpon, Redfish and Snook. But that’s not all, because outside of this arc, near the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean, in the zones of the open sea, you can fish for blue and white marlins, sailfish and swordfish. The pleasure is to catch them and put them back in the water after having weighed and measured if necessary.

If this region is known for the unique catches, it is not true that the common man can practice fishing with friends or family from public places such as the banks giving either side of the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean using the docks where small individual boats are moored.

file000900832840Bridges, mainly known as the historic bridges along the Overseas Highway platforms are sometimes specifically equipped for fishing.

However, for those who have no knowledge or experience of fishing in the Keys, it may be advisable to hire the services of a guide who knows the good places or participate in sea fishing trip organized by licensed providers. There is something for every budget. It is possible to board a “party boat” with a group and go deep sea fishing for a day or half a day. It may also possible for 3 or 4 fishermen to rent a fishing boat for a day of about 22 feet well equipped with sonar, radio, GPS, providing maximum security and satisfaction. Of course, there is always the possibility of renting a boat with captain and crew and if the fishing was wonderful, do taxidermiser decision … but beware you must know that it is not given.

In all cases, these fishing professionals are accustomed to newcomers and will advise them to take the right equipment depending on the type of fishing, be it to the line, lagging or following classifications that their clean as:

Light Tackle Fishing, which is considered the type fishing that captures almost all fish species such as tarpon, sailfish, tuna, cobia, dorado, mahi-mahi, snapper, ceros and wahoo as well as dolphins following the boat .

Flats, Backcountry Fishing is a type of fishing which is practiced along the coasts of the Atlantic or in the mangrove areas and wild and uninhabited islands in the side of the Gulf of Mexico. There, we find species like tarpon, permit, bonefish, redfish, snook, sea trout, barracuda, jacks, cobia and shark.

Deep Sea, Offshore Fishing is practiced from five miles off the coast up to 20 miles and the sea reaches depths of 600 feet in some places may approach 2,000 feet. The trolling is then recommended and you can catch fish like blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, spearfish, kingfish, wahoo, tuna, barracuda, cobia, group, snapper, jacks and even sharks not to mention that dolphins follow the boat

Wreck & Reef Fishing the fishing is done in areas where beached wrecks, used to catch in particular amberjack, snapper, mackerel and group. In areas where the reefs are, there will patch reefs and crayfish. Note that it is also possible to cross cobia, barracuda and sharks.

In all cases, regardless of the type and category of fishing practiced one must know that the 10 most popular fish species are: Tarpon, Sailfish, Spotted Sea Trout, Snook, Red drum, Panfish, Grouper, Snapper, mackerel.


Florida: The World Sport Fishing Capital!

Florida has an almost unique feature in the world: that of being both a paradise for fishermen at sea and fresh water.

We often forget that the state not only has 3 650km (276mi ) of sea coast and over 800 islands in the Keys region in the extreme south of Florida, but also more than 7700 lakes, which includes the Okechobee, the second largest lake in the country (after Lake Michigan), and the largest of the southern United States, and 17 000 km (10,550 mi) of rivers.

The visitor must know that regardless of where it is in Florida, he is usually less than 100km from a great place to fish. In view of the natural conditions offered by the state, it is not surprising that more than 900 world records were recorded, more than any other state, or other countries worldwide, making Florida the undisputed “capital” of global fishing of all kinds.

file000451833998As it is impractical to cover all opportunities for fishing enthusiasts in this article, we will only introduce two of best fishing types in Florida for freshwater fishing, the Bass and fishing saltwater one that can be practiced in the Keys region. We will start with bass fishing and in a few days post the second part to this for sea fishing.

Fish ‘Largemouth Bass’ in Florida

This fish is considered as the king of lakes and rivers in Florida. You should know that the name “Bass”, or commonly known as “wolf” and “sea bass” in the Mediterranean, includes both species living in freshwater and salt water.

For the record, we can say that we must handle with care because of its backbones that are at the origin of its name (meaning peak bar in German). These fish can grow very large because they eat everything they find and some are able to eat even squirrels or small rodents.

Fishing for “Largemouth Bass” and “Smallmouth Bass” is considered the most popular fish in North America. It is practiced all over Florida but the most emblematic sites are certainly Lake Okeechobee, the Rodman Reservoir, the “Butler Chains of Lakes”, the “Nine Harris Chain of lakes” where there are annually held tournaments “BassMaster Elite Series “and the Lake Istokpoga where a large number of trophies were caught. Not to mention the lakes from Miami International Airport and the vast nature reserve of the Everglades.

Although the most impressive trophies were caught in Southern California, Florida does not remain under the states where the largest numbers werelisted. Most importantly, returning to a teenager of 11 years, Mackenzie Hickox, fishing with his family near Daytona Beach that May 8, 2006, released a specimen of 16 pounds which was quickly returned alive to the water.

NOTE: All persons resident or non-resident of over 16 years who wish to fish independently, must have, according to Florida law, a license for fishing in freshwater and / or seawater Ways. These areeasily available to obtain, and one of the simplest ways is to take it from specialized providers. For more information call 1-888-347-4356 or 1-888-FISH-flo. When fishing is carried out under the control of a provider, it generally has the licenses.


Hunting Gear Requirements For Hunting Deer

Are you ready for your first hunting trip? Perhaps you think you’re ready, but you haven’t yet taken the necessary steps. In either scenario, the first thing you need to do is sit down and create a list of what you’ll need to get started. The basic hunting gear requirements differ greatly depending on what it is you are hunting.

Determine What, Where, And How To Hunt.

If you haven’t already taken a hunter’s education course, then this is the first obvious step. It will help you determine what, where, and how to hunt. It will teach you the basics of hunting ethics and tactics, firearm use and safety, and just about everything else you need to know to get started. In some states these courses are mandatory before you can receive your hunting license.

Determining what and where to hunt will depend on multiple factors. The time of the year as well as your location play the most important role. For the sake of clarity, the following gear requirements will involve hunting deer.

Finally, before you’re ready to get your gear for the hunt, you must have your hunting license. This isn’t extremely difficult and it help ensure you are fully prepared for what’s ahead. Once you have your license it’s time to start picking out weapons, clothes, and other accessories you’ll use to have a successful hunt.

The Weapon Of Choice.

First, it’s important to point out that there is no “best” weapon for deer hunting. It usually comes down to a matter of personal preference. Though, there are certain times of the year when only specific weapons are allowed in some states. Your primary choice will be between a rifle or a bow.

The easiest weapon to use for deer hunting is the rifle. It can be shot from further away than a bow, which makes it easier to stalk and prepare for the shot. More damage is done with the bullet and that means you’ll spend less time tracking the deer after you’ve made your hit.

The bow is more difficult to hunt with, but is still preferred by many experienced hunters. It requires paying close attention to many different aspects of the hunt. You’ll have to pay attention to scent, sounds, and wind direction as you close in on your prey to make your shot from a shorter distance.

Just knowing you want to use a rifle or a bow still won’t be enough. There’s a plethora of rifles available all sorted by caliber and then you have to think about the make and model as well. Your hunger’s education course will teach you most of everything you need to know about the different rifles so you’ll be better equipped to make a decision at that time.

If you are hunting with a rifle you will also need a good hunting scope. There are so many different types with loads of different price ranges. Make sure you do some good research into this decision as it may have adverse effects on your ability to hunt. To find the best rifle scope for you we suggest checking out the reviews over at www.scopesandspotters.com.

Additional Gear.

There’s a lot of additional gear you can take with you and most of it is completely option. Things like urine, calls, decoys, and stands all make the hunt easier. Some hunters swear by them and others prefer only their guns, knives, rope, and survival gear. Feel free to experiment with different types of gear until you find a hunting style that suits you best.

I will be able to advise you on all the gear you need and upon booking you will receive extensive information about everything you will need.