Florida: The World Sport Fishing Capital!

Florida has an almost unique feature in the world: that of being both a paradise for fishermen at sea and fresh water.

We often forget that the state not only has 3 650km (276mi ) of sea coast and over 800 islands in the Keys region in the extreme south of Florida, but also more than 7700 lakes, which includes the Okechobee, the second largest lake in the country (after Lake Michigan), and the largest of the southern United States, and 17 000 km (10,550 mi) of rivers.

The visitor must know that regardless of where it is in Florida, he is usually less than 100km from a great place to fish. In view of the natural conditions offered by the state, it is not surprising that more than 900 world records were recorded, more than any other state, or other countries worldwide, making Florida the undisputed “capital” of global fishing of all kinds.

file000451833998As it is impractical to cover all opportunities for fishing enthusiasts in this article, we will only introduce two of best fishing types in Florida for freshwater fishing, the Bass and fishing saltwater one that can be practiced in the Keys region. We will start with bass fishing and in a few days post the second part to this for sea fishing.

Fish ‘Largemouth Bass’ in Florida

This fish is considered as the king of lakes and rivers in Florida. You should know that the name “Bass”, or commonly known as “wolf” and “sea bass” in the Mediterranean, includes both species living in freshwater and salt water.

For the record, we can say that we must handle with care because of its backbones that are at the origin of its name (meaning peak bar in German). These fish can grow very large because they eat everything they find and some are able to eat even squirrels or small rodents.

Fishing for “Largemouth Bass” and “Smallmouth Bass” is considered the most popular fish in North America. It is practiced all over Florida but the most emblematic sites are certainly Lake Okeechobee, the Rodman Reservoir, the “Butler Chains of Lakes”, the “Nine Harris Chain of lakes” where there are annually held tournaments “BassMaster Elite Series “and the Lake Istokpoga where a large number of trophies were caught. Not to mention the lakes from Miami International Airport and the vast nature reserve of the Everglades.

Although the most impressive trophies were caught in Southern California, Florida does not remain under the states where the largest numbers werelisted. Most importantly, returning to a teenager of 11 years, Mackenzie Hickox, fishing with his family near Daytona Beach that May 8, 2006, released a specimen of 16 pounds which was quickly returned alive to the water.

NOTE: All persons resident or non-resident of over 16 years who wish to fish independently, must have, according to Florida law, a license for fishing in freshwater and / or seawater Ways. These areeasily available to obtain, and one of the simplest ways is to take it from specialized providers. For more information call 1-888-347-4356 or 1-888-FISH-flo. When fishing is carried out under the control of a provider, it generally has the licenses.

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