Hunting Trips In Florida

Florida is bordered on all sides by water, to the East the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico to the west and is internationally known for its fishing and seaside resorts. There are other Florida visitors who come to enjoy the beaches, sea and almost year round sun.

For hunting enthusiasts the more inland regions offer fantastic opportunities in great weather. You should know that opportunities are not lacking, because it is possible in Florida to hunt legally in private areas or specific public areas with certain licenses; either big game, like the alligator, wild boar, and deer, or small game such as Osceola, ducks, turkey and other wild birds.

All these hunts are usually conducted on large private estates whose owners rent land to organize hunting activities. There are all kinds of environments; plains, prairies, swamps, ridges and woodlands. There are a large number of private organizations that offer hunting lodges all-inclusive with comfortable accommodation, a transport service, with or without tour guide. In some cases, there are also excellent taxidermy services available to allow hunters to leave with their trophy.



In Florida when we speak of big game, we immediately think of alligators that are without doubt the most spectacular prey, but there are also wild boar and deer. The puma and the brown bear are two protected species, it is not allowed to hunt these animals though to the proliferation of bears it is more question to organize a very selective and controlled culling.

Hunting Alligators

aligatorsIn Florida this type of hunting is conducted mainly on private swampland but there are also public areas open to hunters. It can be said that in recent years, alligator hunting gained popularity thanks to game management programs implemented in the Southern States of the US, where it is known that alligators thrive. It is important to maintain a balance between the various animal species. Observers have noted that if the population of alligators is low, there is an overpopulation of Beaver and rats. If it is too high, this presents a certain risk for all other animals and even humans.

In Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, their numbers have greatly increased because they have no predators other than humans. Hunting seasons are organized and the issuing of permits or licenses is made on the basis of objectives to maintain the balance of animal species.

Alligator hunting involves some risks and it is important to hunt with an experienced guide who is familiar with the proper techniques. This includes knowing when the alligator is too big and that things go awry for the hunter and these situations do occur!

It is important to have the right type of equipment that is different between States: spears, hooks, traps, sticks, guns. What is legal in some areas may not be legal in others. Also be aware of laws and hunting dates.

A very popular gun for alligator hunting is the AR15, which is not technically a hunting rifle. However, the close combat design of the rifle helps with alligator hunting as you will not be shooting from long distances. You should definitely look into the best optics for ar 15, as any of these will work well here.

Always keep in mind that the major concern during this hunt is the safety of our guests. Most of the alligator hunts being at dusk or night, be sure to have good lighting, an insect repellent, a lifejacket is strongly recommended (and on my boats mandatory) to wear even if you are an excellent swimmer, in case you’re thrown out of the boat and knocked out! Another thing that must be noted is that bacteria located in the mouth of an alligator are particularly aggressive and a little scratch caused by a bite can cause a serious infection.

Hunting Alligators In the company of a guide will teach you how to monitor for the presence of alligators. At night, his eyes reflect the light of torches, whole during the day, only its eyes and nostrils are flush with the surface of the water, we can also identify the claw marks on the edge of the water, but also the places where the grass is bent or those where there is no vegetation which indicates that the alligators come to bask there to take heat from Sun. Finally, it must always be remembered that the alligators are territorial so do not get between a mother and her young.

Wild Boar Hunting

boarDo not think that wild boar hunting is accessible to everyone. In fact, it is considered to be a dangerous adventure and requires some experience because this kind of animal, even injured, can attack the hunter, and cause serious injury. You should know that hunting can be done with different types of weapons; the rifle and the crossbow being those most frequently used.

There are Florida organizations with experience in this sort of hunting trips. In some of these locations, hunting is open every day and doesn’t require a special permit. Expedition groups with guided wild boar hunts from the bushes are usually professionally organized and the hunter is usually assured to be satisfied both at the level of the trophies and the meat.

Deer Hunting

In Florida, hunting deer is highly controlled and cannot be done without a season permit. In addition, only males 8 points or more may be hunted. Many locations exist in Florida mainly in its central part where the population management of deer following an environmentally friendly program of wildlife is strictly followed.

In all hunting areas there are food plots with feeders installed. Food and mineral salts are deposited to draw in the game and inform the hunter what are the animals that can be targeted or not on the basis of the age and size. A very limited number of permits are issued each season; it is essential to make contact with authorities before starting a hunt.

Your gear will need to be very different to alligator hunting trips. A designated hunting rifle and more powerful scope are very advisable. For more details on different types of optics check out ScopesAndSpotters.net.

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